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Rex: Inside The School of Design

March 1, 2011

Rex: Inside the School of Design. A conversation between rex archivist, Dr. Stephen Hales and Rex member, Dr. Bob Thomas, about the history and traditions of the Rex organization.

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i’m very disappointed in Loyola as a serious University that presents the truth about popular myths. Rex was an organization that discriminated against Jews and Blacks (although the first “King” of Rex reputedly was Jewish) for many years. Many in its organization also belong to the Comus organization, which still discriminates against both groups – in fact, the two “courts” still meet at the end of Carnival.

In addition, the whole idea of Kings, Queens and ridiculous bourgeoise “royalty” was imported into a Latin street celebration, by New England and New York businessmen (many of them Lilliputian robber barons) who moved to New Orleans when it was a booming commercial city in the years before the Civil War and whose desendants are now somehow transformed into “aristocracy.”

The historical truth is that “Rex” is part of an Anglo Saxon attachment to a Latin people’s celebration, with all of the arrogance and false sense of superiority that goes with an “aristocracy.” It’s a pathetic, epigonic mirror of British “royalty” and aristocracy that still pollutes Britain today.

Unfortunately, the British revolution – which beheaded a King a Century before the French Revolution – was still confused with the question of religion. The French Revolution on the other hand was secular, and knew what to do with its aristocracy and the concept of aristocracy.

It’s one thing for the historically illiterate members of this group rationalize to themselves their true historical position. It’s sad when a University cooperates in the myth.

“What fools these mortals be ” Puck

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